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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Looking Back at NNSY Waterfront circa 1975

Blog #38.  February 05, 2015 By Marcus W. Robbins

Due to popular demand I am going to begin posting rare postcards, film and glass plate images once a week along with still an occasional longer story in order to share with the workforce just indeed how far we have come by modernizing our facilities knowing that they continue to perform world class ship repair upon these same grounds.

There is so much that has changed in the below post card view.  This is the USS Nimitz, CV 68 most likely in the fall of 1975 shortly after acceptance by the Navy as it is berthed at NNSY Pier 3.  On October 1, 1975 the ship arrived for a Post Shakedown Availability (PSA) before its first formal Mediterranean deployment in 1976.


USS NIMITZ at Pier 3 NNSY circa 1975
(commercial postcard courtesy of Marcus W. Robbins)
Look closely at the picture; Building 261 is still an open assembly shed, the old Ship Building Ways has been demolished but not filled in, and the 1920’s Pier 4 is shown center of the photo.  It would be another 30 years before the dock crane tracks become interconnected and all the cranes were replaced.  Both old Pier 4 and Pier 5 were demolished over the past few years for construction of the new super Pier 5 that opened in 2014.

Also in conclusion for the long time NNSY workers to flashback and the newer ones that might not believe, the photo revels two other long lost facts.  Look close and you will see that Hitchcock Street at one time was divided into 4 lanes with private vehicle parking.  Wow, times have changed!

Facilities change over the decades hopefully always for the best.  It is so very important for our workers to understand the great heritage that came before them and that they take pride in it because – “history matters.

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