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Thursday, November 1, 2012

NNSY @ 245 Years ~ A Look Back at Key Dates

Blog #21. November 1, 2012 by Marcus W. Robbins

History of the Nation's Oldest Continuous Operating Naval Shipyard

Gosport Shipyard established in Colonial Virginia then operated under British Flag:
Andrew Sprowle & Co., Proprietors, 1 November 1767
Andrew Sprowle, British Navy Agent, 1775

Confiscated in American Revolution by the Commonwealth; operated by the Navy of Virginia under the Virginia flag; burned 11 May 1779, in British invasion:
Superintendents, 1776-1782, not known
Shipyard inactive, 1783-1793

Loaned to the United States under Act of Congress, 27 March 1794; operated under the Secretary of War and flag of the United States.

United States Navy Department created, 30 April 1798; Shipyard designated Gosport Navy Yard.

Gosport Navy Yard site purchased from the State of Virginia by the United States, 15 June 1801.

Gosport Navy Yard evacuated and burned by U. S. N., 20 April 1861; immediately occupied and operated by Virginia State Navy under the Virginia state flag.

Gosport Navy Yard transferred to, and operated by, Confederate States Navy, 1 July 1861, under flag of the Confederate States.

Gosport Navy Yard evacuated and burned by C. S. N., 10 May 1862; reoccupied and operated by U. S. N. under the flag of the United States and designated U. S. Navy Yard, Norfolk, Virginia.

Designated: Norfolk Navy Yard, Portsmouth, Virginia;
13 February 1929. 
Designated: Norfolk Naval Shipyard, Portsmouth, Virginia;
1 December 1945.

Today; November 1, 2012 marks our official 245th birthday as a shipyard.

 Over that time we continue to answer the call to serve our country.  In evidence of the shipyard motto, "Any Ship, Anytime, Anywhere," NNSY's work is certainly not limited to its Portsmouth waterfront.  On any given day, upwards of 3,000 NNSY employees can be performing maintenance on ships as close as Norfolk Naval Station, and as far away as Japan.  We exist to serve the fleet where ever they maybe found.

Over these 245 years we may have operated under different flags and different names but always, we have excelled in being a leader by providing the Navy a long line of "first this" and "first that"; historic naval accomplishments.  In my next post we shall examine some of those "first accomplishments" because - "history matters".

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